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Tyree Parker

Rhonda Rhonda Mccelland

Mr. Spencer

Tyree Parker (Jhavoer) is the chief executive Officer of Tamuka connection entertainment Incorporated. Jhavoer was intrigued by entrepreneurship and has been consistent ever since 1999. He has been heavily involved in the entertainment business starting in his youth when he watched his biological father produce original musical compositions for various artists. His step father was the DJ for pioneer Rapper “ Rob Base.”  After meeting with a couple of friends and sharing ideas, they formed a group called “The Untouchables Warriors.” In 2005, “Untouchable Warriors dropped a mixtape titled “Kids From The Bricks “performing their mix-tape at a Breast Cancer event and magazine “showcase” as the headliners. In2007 Jhavoer joined an R&B group called “Brown Evolution.” He was the producer and writer for “Brown Evolution” and went on to perform, choreograph and sing at many venues and events. Jhavoer attended Beacon High School and graduated in 2008. In H.S. he was asked what he would like to go to school for and his response was unquestioning “business.” He said business because he always admired a C.E.O. position. After graduating H.S. he made the decision to finalize the paperwork for his own entertainment company at the age of 18.

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