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Troy Weekes, Jr.

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Reverend Grace

Troy Weekes Music, hailing from Harlem New York. He has been singing since the age of 3, and performing since the age of 14. Not only does he sing, but he's a songwriter, actor and dancer as well. He added MC/Event Host to his many talents 6 years ago.

He got his first TV debut on Showtime at the Apollo in 2005, being runner up on his show. A few years down the line, he made it to the Top three of the NY American Idol style show Empire City's Lucky break 2. When not working on his own project, he can be seen performing with his band Ji- Groove and hosting events all across America.

He also sings background and does vocal arranging for numerous artist as well. He has sung background behind the likes of Mariah Carey, Karen Clark-Sheard just to name a few.  He is currently working on his first EP project, Not yet titled. It's under the new genre and style he created called *Soul R & B. It took him 14 years to find this sound. Because he can sing gospel, neo-soul and R&B, but didn’t not feel like one or the other is exactly where he fits in, in this, this sound was created. Be on the look out for this talented brother on the rise. He is out and about performing all over,  letting his voice be heard and making a mark for himself. His vocal technique and vocal range is nothing to be played with. He has a story to tell and he pulls you right into with him each and every time he performs. He is ready to take the industry by storm, so look out, at a venue near you, for Mr. Troy Weekes Music.

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